Dead Now- Dead Now ep

Ok, I know this came out awhile back. I may even have talked about it, but I can’t remember, so I’ve been remiss and will correct that, now.

If you remember Andrew Elstner, more than likely it’s from his days in Torche. That’s fair. “Bat pissed in his eye”, yeah, it was news. Torche applies, here, but now for the reason you think. See, before Andrew was in Torche he was in Riddle of Steel, who were excellent, and then, he was in Tilts who were better. Better than Riddle of Steel, and better than Torche. I know that might not be a popular opinion, but I’ve got charts to prove it. Seriously, go download all the Tilts you can handle.

So, this is his new situation. It involves some Day Old Men, too. OK, I’ll explain that- this is a real band, not just “Andrew’s new project”. So, would you like it? Well, did you like Torche, but you always wished they’d employ some more rock in their Sludge metal pop? You’ll dig this. A lot. Now, if you’re hip- and you dug Tilts, this is like a sludge metal take on Tilts.

What am I talking about, right? OK-take the best Rock/Pop from the late 1970s- Rainbow,  Thin Lizzy, UFO that sort of thing. Streamline it, like the best early 1990’s  Alternative Metal- Helmet, Kyuss, Melvins you know the type. Add in a mixing job like good southern sludge metal – throaty, fuzzy and pounding.( did you know that Andrew is getting to be a fuzz god? Check out Acorn Amps, and know) Make it better. There- you’re at Dead Now. The guitars hum and buzz, the bass throbs and hammers, the drums pound and push, but the vocals are honey sweet. Get the idea?

Like Tilts- the basic thrust is to capture the essence of exciting rock music, but like Torche, cover it in a warm, gooey layer of sonics. Basically- no beards required heavy rock. It’s not “Girlfriend Metal” like QOTSA, but your girlfriend can come if she’s cool. Put ’em on a bill with Red Fang, and Zoroaster, and have a beer or two- the fishing is great, with hooks for only the big ones.


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