September Girls- Age of Indignation

I was pretty unfamiliar with this Irish band, but, truth be told, it seems like I wasn’t missing much. Sure, that’s a decent name for a band –September Girls— referencing both YA fiction and Big Star? Canny move, there. But reports all said the same sort of thing- lo fi garage pop, a la other “girls”- i.e. Vivian, Dum Dum, etc. So, yes, I’ll take a pass on the back catalog, but this record is something else-post punk, with a rich collection of influences, from fuzzed out garage, to elegant surf mannerisms, to gorgeous 4 part harmonies, like a much more fleshed out “girl group” from the 60’s, to cold wave bass, to some dubby bits, and a fair amount of Lush ( Pun intended) shoegaze- just a feast of cool sounds! The delivery is tense, and explosive with fuzzy noise, but with melody kept at the forefront- so, yes, very tight, and energetic. The lyrics are political without being polemic, and fit well with the tone of the taut structures.  I say sleep on them, no more. Post punk, minus the gothic regrets. Buy it here

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