Faith No More- Sol Invictus

Jim Martin, where are you, dude? Growing pumpkins, last I heard. Other than that, most not being in Faith No More. Which is too bad, because what this needs is a dose of metal.

I actually kind of like it. I know that there are those who will dig it just for the label. ( You know “New Faith No More”?) I need more than faith, you know?

See, what you get here is decent songs ( well, at least one or two) weighed down by terrible archaic production, completely overcompressed to compete with the too loud bullshit pop on the radio and a crushing, endless sense of middle aged ennui. I know I should talk about the music, and I would, if there weren’t more pressing matters, for all involved. Hell,  If this is the best you can do, Roddy, please, please go back to Imperial Teen, and put out some good pop music. Playing second fiddle to Patton’s Italio-pop dreams set in some marketing promoter’s “Rock of the 90’s”  fake rock arrangement does no one any favors.

I know that day gigs dry up. I know, there comes a point when everyone caves in, and does what they’re asked, even if it’s lame. Wheedle enough, and I’ll trot out my ability to play Malcolm Young styled riffs. It’s a crowd pleaser, even if it means less than nothing, to me. ( and will somebody explain to me what it means that AC/DC headlined Cochella, other than “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”) . So, I understand why there is a new Faith No More record, and why most reviews will be glowing. Here’s the cynical reason behind it all- Ozzfest, Warped Tour, LollaPalooza, you name the “rock” bastion, and sales are down.  That means a whole industry is looking for work. This record represents a job to them. Generate hype, and you might sell a magazine or two, a CD or two, and a T shirt or two. Yes, you already got my money. I got tickets to see Faith No More and the Refused, later this summer. Why? Because friends. Friends who were too young to see faith No More in the 1990’s, or friends who caught on to them after the fact, and friends in the industry that benefits from this nostalgia trip- so, folks, you got what you wanted out of me. But- here’s what I want, in return- I want some support of something new, and good. I want people to show up to a Coliseum show, a Conan Neutron show, a Torche show, a Tilts show, a Tyranny is Tyranny show, a Baroness show, a Boris show, an Aeges show- or better yet- go make your own show, and make it good.

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